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Tijuana, B.C, Mexico

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Software Engineering

Framework Science, Diego Rivera, Rio Vista, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Binational company with a Binational culture

We are made up of U.S. and Mexico Product Technologists that have worked for companies such as Yahoo, Samsung, Sony, Blackbaud and many more, that is shaking things up in Tijuana. We are on a mission to bring on board the best and the brightest to help us change the status quo.

Our Belief

A great work environment is more than just beer and some free food.

It's being valued for the exemplary work that you bring to your projects and ability to interact with purpose knowing that you will be rewarded fairly without prejudice. Appreciated for the experience you add to the Team collective and not be thought as a threat to your peers and executive decision makers.

This also means gaining access to benefits that can keep you and your family healthy and work in a truly democratic culture.

We believe in equal pay no matter what gender, age or sexual orientation.

Empresa Mexicana solida y legalmente constituida como una persona Moral - S de RL de CV
Cumpliendo con sus obligaciones fiscales empresariales con las autoridades legales y los empleados.
Los empleados que son contratados por Framework Science pertenecen directamente a la empresa y no a un outsourcing o BPO!

Framework Science S de RL de CV ofrece a sustentabilidad legal y prosperidad a los empleados confiando que están respaldados por una empresa solida, en consecuencia a ello podemos brindar prestaciones de ley como lo son Imss Afore e Infonavit cumpliendo con nuestras obligaciones como empresa.

So if you think you have the RIGHT STUFF (Great movie), please upload your resume and tell us what you can bring to the table and what you are looking to learn from your next great adventure at Framework Science.