Salesforce DevOps Engineer

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico

Job Description

Creating, automating and implementing improvements of the processes related to releasing of Salesforce applications
Following PolSource DevOps standards and best practices
Collaborating with development teams, ensuring they follow DevOps procedures and best practices
Managing test and production Salesforce environments (systems performance, security, backup, disaster recovery, user access, leaver/mover processes and plans)
Documenting DevOps knowledge
Constant education to increase professional qualifications


Excellent written and oral communication skills
Experience in technical writing and documenting
Experience with DevOps Approach design in Salesforce world (sandboxes layout, etc.)
Perfect knowledge of the Salesforce deployment toolchain (including ANT and ANT scripting, Salesforce DX, changesets, data loader)
Perfect knowledge of Continuous Integration and Delivery tools, such as VSTS, Azure CLI, Jenkins, Sonar, PMD, lint, Selenium, Bash scripting, Docker, etc.
Proficiency in GIT (code merges between branches, cherry-picking, release tags, etc.)
Ability to track and execute manual steps (data entry, data load, apex code execution)
Ability to read code (APEX, Javascript)
Good understanding of the Salesforce platform

Nice to have:

Deep understanding of Salesforce deployment constraints, ability to guide teams on best deployment approach (one vs. multiple phases approach, scripted vs. manual steps, etc.)
Experience in working in large environments with multiple work streams and vendors
Ability to write APEX and Javascript code
Ability to prepare reports on Continuous Integration and release execution
Experience with Copado
Experience with AppExchange packages installation and configuration
Familiarity with the Heroku platform